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Ilaje National Association of USA (INAUSA) is a 501 (c) (3)  United States incorporated non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political, all-inclusive, civic organization. INAUSA is dedicated to the promotion of Ilaje unity, progress and strength, and to the protection and support of her culture, custom and heritage.  Membership includes persons of Ilaje ancestry and everyone who shares the same interests and aspirations. The organization is a national association comprising  several state chapters.​


  • Promote unity among the people of Ilaje in the United States and worldwide

  • Assist and foster the cultural, social, and family wellbeing of members

  • Provide members with information and assist them in achieving their goals

  • Assist and provide of moral and financial support to members in need during sickness, death and other commemorative events

  • Promote and preserve Ilaje cultural heritage

  • Provide humanitarian assistance to Ilaje and other communities in need worldwide.

  • Serve as a unifying umbrella body for the state chapters that comprise the Association

  • Advance and promote the social, economic, educational, cultural, civic, and the general welfare of Nigerians in Diaspora.




The Ilajes are a distinct migratory coastal linguistic group of Yoruba peoples spread along the coastal belts of Ondo, Ogun, Lagos and Delta states, and originally made up of four geo-political entities namely: Ugbo, Mahin, Etikan and Aheri kingdoms. While most towns and villages in the Mahin kingdom (Ode Mahin) are distributed on arable lands, the towns and villages in the other three geo-polities of Ugbo, Aheri and Etikan kingdoms are spread out along the beaches and swampy terrains of the Atlantic Ocean coast*...

*Wikipedia contributors, "Ilaje," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, January 9, 2019).


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